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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mr.E’s Mystery Art Box?

Mr. E’s Mystery Art Box is a clever and inviting monthly subscription box for kids filled with a variety of materials used during a LIVE VIRTUAL CLASS with Mr. E.  The goal in developing Mr. E’s Mystery Art Box is to use the medium of art to empower children and allow them to prove to themselves that they are powerful creators in their own worlds.  We believe that our children can change our world with their smiles and acts of kindness.

How Does it work?

Each month a Mystery Art Box is mailed to the artist(s) in your family with instructions that it not be opened until their ZOOM class with Mr. E begins. 

The contents of the Mystery Art Box change every month to support the Artist being presented that month.  The Mystery Art Box always includes engaging information on the featured Artist; quality artist’s tools to support the art project; related materials to assist the children in their goal of extending random acts of kindness; and ALWAYS a surprise or two.

Month by month the children’s confidence and self-esteem grow as they experience reactions to their smiling, efforts to extend acts of kindness.  They feel valued and respected and through their efforts they develop empathy and compassion.  They are proud of themselves and develop a healthy sense of self-respect.  They learn about and appreciate the artist featured that month and relate positively to their ability to create art that generates smiles from others.  Slowly the children see they are changing the world with their smile and acts of kindness.

What’s in the box?

Mr.E’s Mystery Art Box contents change each month depending on the subject matter being covered. Always included will be art supplies to support the medium being used to create the art projects for that month; a special surprise; a cookie recipe; hot cocoa for your artist to make; and a postcard and a note card used to create two kindness gifts: one for your artist to mail to a relative or someone special and one for your artist(s) to hand-deliver to a neighbor or a friend that may need a rainbow in their day.

What is the age range?

Mr.E’s Mystery Art Box is appropriate for young artists in Kindergarten through 5th grade. That being the case, in the past we have had middle schoolers attend as well as grandparents. There are no age restrictions.

What will they do during class?

During class the students will learn about an artist and the time period. We will do a 5-minute drawing to warm-up, a lengthy art project that resembles the time period we are studying. We will also do other small drawings, set goals and create ways to make other people smile.

What makes this art subscription different than others ?

Mr.E’s Mystery Art Box connects the art box to a live art class taught by Mr. E and affords your artists the opportunity to interact with Mr. E. This is a multi-disciplined, interactive, learning experience for your artist. Hands-on art instruction is provided; famous artists are studied as well as the various artistic styles; social responsibilities and the importance of making good choices are subtly introduced provoking discussion; the philosophical and ecological importance of making a positive difference in the world is stressed and of most importance, the goal is to empower your artist with the belief that he or she can make a difference that will change the world.

Want to be part of Mystery Art box? Sponsors are welcome!

We love our friends who are sponsors of art education and invite you to be part of the surprises in the box as a sponsor. We will provide you with a template for you to advertise your business and we will include your offer in the Mr.E’s Mystery Art Box during the month(s) of your choosing. We will also thank you and include your name and a tagline or logo on our website.